The Wrong Way

The right-wing wants to take Alberta down a path to ruin.

Alberta’s Official Opposition and other right-wing critics have called for the repeal of recent tax increases and the immediate elimination of Alberta’s deficit through hack-and-slash budgeting.

This is the Wrong Way to go.

Such a strategy would, if implemented, have a devastating impact on Alberta’s economy — and an equally devastating impact on the people and families living in the province.

To wipe out the deficit and offset the revenue lost from the repeal of recent tax increases would require cuts of about $6.35 billion over the next two years.

That would reduce Alberta’s GDP by more than $10 billion by 2017, and would throw the province into a severe recession.

The job losses from such a budget would be drastic. The cuts themselves would include about 22,000 nurses, teachers, doctors, and other highly-trained front-line staff from government and from arms-length agencies who would be put suddenly out of work. The indirect impact would push the total closer to 40,000 jobs lost.

Austerity in the face of a recession has been a disaster every time it has been tried. To implement such a strategy in Alberta would mean the bad times get worse — and stay bad for longer.

It’s the right-wing austerity plan that got Alberta into the hole it’s currently in. And it’s their plan that would deepen the province’s misery.

Read the report “Austerity Vs. Renewal” HERE

Simply put, the Wildrose Party is not credible on economic matters; it does not have a plan.

There is, however, a BETTER WAY.